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Cultural Stereotypes in the maps by Yanko Tsvetkov. Europe is laughing

The silent Finn, talkative Italian, reserved Englishman and German decent - those circulating stereotypes can be found in the art. More specifically, in the maps of stereotypes, which outlined the Bulgarian who lives in London, a designer and illustrator

Yanko Tsvetkov
. His work, which consists of maps of Europe, reflecting the cultural stereotypes of individual nations, is breaking record audience - his work has been already seen by almost half a billion Internet users. He has created seven fairly specific map of Europe. The viewer can see the vision of our continent by Americans, Britons, Frenchmen, Germans, Italians, Bulgarians and. .. Gay. And it's not idyllic pictures. It seems that the Old Continent is a multi-cultural melting pot of stereotypes and prejudices.

Europe according to France
And so, according to the French, Russia is "a dream of Napoleon," Poland "country plumbers" and the German "fatherland best friends."

Europe according to Britain
The British believe the Norwegians as "selfish fishermen," Russia is called "paranoid empire of oil", and the entire Community, "the Union of subsidized farmers.

Europe according to USA
Viewed from New York, Europe is as follows: the east: "buffer zones", ie Polish, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic States like a huge country, Just south is the state,"Dracula. The west border of the Buffer Zone is called sharp Porno. Americans see Spain on the Iberian Peninsula of Mexico. Indeed - the same language, similar culture, and of these women ... Italy - many godfathers. The Netherlands is the "Sodom". And honest UK is affectionately referred to as "Mama.

Europe according to Germany

See all maps and more work of the designer and illustrator Yanko Tsvetkov here

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