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Et in Arcadia Ego: The Present Order is the Disorder of the Future (Saint-Just) Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Little Sparta

 Apollon Terroriste: Ian Hamilton Finlay, in Little Sparta Sculpture Garden, Dunsyre, Pentland Hills, Lanarkshire: photo by onceawildchild, 31 May 2009

It is not true
that the blade was terrible:
it was Terrible.


In the first chapters
of the Revolution
when the ribbons
were still on the haycocks...


You cannot step
into the same Revolution


"Who are these men
who have no streets
named after them?"

-- French person of 1987, on
The Committee of Public Safety, 1794.


The French Revolution
was something other
than the French nation
on the psychoanalyst's couch.


Three Parties
in The Convention:
The Mountain, The Plain,
The Ravine.


In the Picturesque landscape
of the Revolution
the wildest of the banditti
were all ex-lawyers.


For the best of the Jacobins
the Revolution was intended
as a pastoral whose
Virgil was Rousseau.


Revolutions conceived in the fields
are very different from
Revolutions conceived in the cellar.

Ian Hamilton Finlay: texts from Revolutionary Pursuits (1987)

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