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Meteorite Explosion over Russia - Hunt For The Doomsday Asteroid - BBC Horizon (1994)

Chelyabinsk, Rusian Federation, 15.02.2013

BBC Horizon - Hunt For The Doomsday Asteroid (1994)

The mother of all natural disasters might well be the collision of the Earth with a large asteroid. Thousands of these huge objects swarm across the Earth's orbital track around the Sun. The extinction of the dinosaurs is now believed to have been caused by one of these collisions. The odds are that somewhere sometime, a mountain will fall out of the sky. In this documentary, Horizon tries to answer the question if "Star Wars" technology could be used to destroy meteors big enough to threaten life on earth.

BBC Horizon - New Asteroid Danger (1999)

Until 40 years ago, it was thought that asteroids were locked in orbit in the meteorite belt. By 1990, the radio telescope painted a more vivid picture of the depth of the asteroid belt, some spanning 5km and travelling at 20,000 km per hour. Recent strikes have been documented : in 1863 an asteroid hit the Arabian Desert; in 1908, a strike decimated an area in Siberia the size of greater London; and in 1930, a strike devastated a large area of the Amazon.

The Chicxulub Impact Crater

Eugene Shoemaker (1928-1997)


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