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"Hello, ladies, welcome to Belgium!" Matrioshki 1 and 2 (2005 and 2008)

Why did you not stay at home, in Russia...
Bulgarian artist PETKO STOYANOV
Project of Petko Stoyanov against "Entropa" of David Cerny

Each year hundreds of women are taken from their homes and forced into a life of prostitution and sexual slavery. This is their story… A Belgian criminal gang head east to Lithuania, Romania and Thailand to recruit young women desperate to leave their impoverished lives. Now they must escape this new nightmare at all costs. A groundbreaking series on a global phenomenon, "Matrioshki" has been compared by critics to "The Sopranos" whilst going through the ratings roof in many territories.

120 actors and actresses participated at the series. They are from Belgium, Russia, the Netherlands, Moldavia, Cyprus, Greece, Lituania and the United Kingdom

The series was shoot in 135 days.

Amnesty International will be using scenes from "Matroesjka's" in a documentary to be screened at schools in eastern Europe to warn girls for these malpractices.

The Belgian makers couldn't understand the language the girls were speaking, so they had to hire some translators to verify if the girls were following the script.'s

Official series Website
Matrioshki 2 - Official Trailer - world sales High Point

Matrioshki 1 - Official Trailer

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