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Looking Beyond the Face of God - "Let there be light" - "Light and Vision" by The Genius of László Moholy-Nagy

Recognize the light-structure of your life.
You will find it different from chronology.
A different measure, called Eternitas,
Proud battle for the secrecy of Order

Space, time, material are they one with Light? 
Dependent on the Light that gives you life?
Idea of great magnitude that grows
Within your soul, poor creature, steers your way
As by an arm to latitudes
So utterly unknown to lightless eyes.

Search desperately what is Light as essence?
What is its substance, what its price?
I cannot kill my thirst nor even lessen it.
Space, time and system essence or mere chaos.
Realities that seem eternal
For creatures not eternal, bound by death.

Light, ordering Light, where are you? Far away.
A luster that illuminates mere being.
Come over me, proud Light, fierce Light, burn deep,
Ferocious Light, spread through me, cleanse my eyes.
A dampish tomb, the earth will then collapse.
Dead worries rot in soon-forgotten graves,
Refuted sacraments impeding Light.

"Everything" you hear its hollow sound
If we maintain the nothingness of darkness.
"Nothingness" you hear it roaring on
If "Everything" is us denied.
Precarious balance time, material, space
Resting on nothingness and meaning everything.

But human brain, so pitifully small,
Pierced through the darkness of the void, and tied
Material, space and time to Light contours,
To Light eternal, Light the striding life.
And nothingness, so vainly measured out
In time and space, transforms the darkened man
Light, total Light, creates the total man.

In: László Moholy-Nagy, The New Vision (New York, 1948)

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