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SF:UK - How British Science Fiction Changed the World (2001)

An excellent and long overdue look at the history of British science fiction in print, comics, film and television. British science fiction has a long and distinguished history. This series plots the history of the genre, examining the way the tropes, ideas and themes have been treated by British writers, artists and film-makers. Contains interviews with Nigel Kneale, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Ian M Banks & others broadcast on Channel 4 in 2001. Naturally, it was buried away in a graveyard slot when it deserved a much wider audience.

1.When Aliens Attack [18 March 2001]
2.Frankenstein Goes to Hollywood [25 March 2001]
3.Big Brother Goes Hardcore [1 April 2001]
4.Sex Machines [8 April 2001]
5.Trips Through Time and Space [15 April 2001]
6.Ultra - Violence [22 April 2001] 7.No More Heroes [29 April 2001]
8.The New Jerusalem [6 May 2001]

Episode 1 - "When Aliens Attack"
Presenter Matthew De Abaitua takes a look at how it all began with the Genius of H.G. Wells. Featuring: The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, The
Invisible Man etc.

Episode 2 - "Frankenstein goes to Hollywood"
Presenter Matthew De Abaitua examines the genesis of a Legend on the Big Screen and the page. Featuring: Many different incarnations of Frankenstein in the Movies with Boris Karloff as the "role model".

Episode 3 - "Big Brother goes Hardcore"
Presenter Matthew De Abaitua takes a look at how voyeurism, surveillance and conspiracy have played a major part in British SF over the years. Featuring: The Prisoner, Quatermass II, The Year of the Sex Olympics and an interview
with Nigel Kneale

Episode 4 - "Sex Machines"
Presenter Matthew De Abaitua looks at the love hate relationship SF has with technology aided by Gerry Anderson. Featuring: J.G. Ballards CRASH, Supercar, Thunderbirds, Space 1999, UFO, ALIEN, Blade Runner

Episode 5 - "Trips through Time and Space"
Presenter Matthew De Abaitua explores SF and the 60's with mindebending drugs & mindbending SF includes an interview with Alan Moore! Featuring: Doctor Who, more Doctor Who, Jerry Cornelius and Zardoz. (There is MUCH that will interest Doctor Who fans in this Ep from the auction of a Dalek to the "Blame" for Doctor Who's "Downfall" ;-) being put squarely on the shoulders of one person. Also the Alan Moore stuff is Gold.)

Episode 6 - "Ultra-Violence"
Presenter Matthew De Abaitua looks at the role of violence in British science fiction. Featuring: Judge Dredd/2000AD, V for Vendetta, A Clockwork Orange Watchmen & an interview with Alan Moore!

Episode 7 - "No More Heroes"
Since the earliest days of science fiction, we have faced the threat of alien invasion. Presenter Matthew de Abaitua takes a look at the British heroes who have protected us from other-worldly threats. Featuring: Dan Dare, Invasion Earth, Blakes 7. Interviews with Paul Darrow and Anthony Daniels

Episode 8 - "The New Jerusalem"
It's 50 years since the publication of the story that inspired 2001: A Space Odyssey. What did Arthur C Clarke get right? And in 50 years what will British science fiction be like?

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