quinta-feira, 9 de maio de 2013

Further Reasons Why Poets Do Not Tell the Truth by Hans Magnus Enzensberger with an Author's Autograph! (The Sinking of the Titanic, 1978)

Because the moment
when the word happy
is pronounced,
Never is the moment of happiness.
Because the thirst man
does not give mouth to his thirst.
Because proletariat is a word
which will not pass the lips of the proletariat.
Because he who despairs
does not fell like saying:
"I am desperate."

Because orgasm and orgasm
are words apart.
Because the dying man,
far from proclaiming: 
"I die,"only utters
a faint rattle, 
which we fail to comprehend.
Because is the living 
who batter the ears of the dead
with their atrocities.

Because words come always
to late or too soon
Because it is someone else,
always someone else,
who does the talking,
and because he 
who is being talked about,
keeps his silence.

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