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At Johannes Kepler's Grave: Chaconne in d minor by J.S.Bach

At ubi materia, ibi Geometria.
Where there is matter, there is geometry.

Geometry is one and eternal shining in the mind of God. That share in it accorded to men is one of the reasons that Man is the image of God.

I used to measure the Heavens, now I measure the shadows of Earth. The mind belonged to Heaven, the body's shadow lies here.
Kepler's epitaph for himself.

Geometry, which before the origin of things was coeternal with the divine mind and is God himself (for what could there be in God which would not be God himself?), supplied God with patterns for the creation of the world, and passed over to Man along with the image of God; and was not in fact taken in through the eyes.

If there is anything that can bind the heavenly mind of man to this dreary exile of our earthly home and can reconcile us with our fate so that one can enjoy living,—then it is verily the enjoyment of the mathematical sciences and astronomy.

Nature uses as little as possible of anything.

Like all men who think, I struggle against my nature. Wherein I acknowledge what I hear or dream is but the ghost of those heavenly harmonics that move the mind to dance: Why not, then, call it music and admit our souls are lost? George Keithley's "Six Fragments from Johannes Kepler's Last Letter to Galileo"

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