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A Faceless God: Johann Sebastian Bach -- The Art of Fugue, Contrapunctus I

Fingerprints of the Gods

by Michael Lohr

Stellar wisps of afterbirth,
remnants of the Big Bang,
the first singularity,
swirling before our eyes in ceaseless motion,

the cogs of creation,
the alpha of beginnings,
the fractal monolith of time,
mechanisms of a faceless god,
primal moving.

In the Mandelbrot set,
the eternal tome,
we have discovered the ever illusive fingerprints of the creator,
coded relics,
remnants from the first stages of inception.

We rejoice like Icarus,
but is this a cornucopia of discovery
or a little box left over in Pandora's wake?

As we stumble into the event horizon of this new beginning,
one step from infinity,
one breath from Planck length,
the perpetual procession of the stars,
is fueled ever onward,
by the engines of the prime mover.

Copyright © 2004, Michael Lohr

The Essential Integral

by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Let’s consider infinity
as a WHOLE.

Life is
the essential mathematic Integral
of Light
from Zero
to Time.

minus Life
will give AntiColour,
that is Comfortless Space...

(that is a kind of sorrow-
remainders of infinity!)

Copyright © 1991, Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

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