sexta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2012

Dancing with Llamas in the Bolivian Altiplano: an Hypnotic Experience

Yesterday I went to a circus near my house and I was able to get closer to three Arabian horses, two mountain goats and four Bolivian llamas. For a long time I did not feel the power which comes from the spirit of the Earth.
I took the opportunity and gave a kiss in each of them. In 1972, I was in Bolivia with my family by train through the Trans South American Runway from Santos to Arica, Chile. It was the most extraordinary journey my life because my father was a geologist and there, at the top of the Andes, at 4000m above sea level, my father told me that we were simply stepping the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and then I realized at the first time that the earth was an extraordinary living planet. This “avantgardistic”, "experimental" movie and its "hypnotic" effects is my tribute to all the llamas I met in my childhood. They will be always in my heart.

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