segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012

Omar Khayyam: The universe is a fata morgana; life is a dream.

My birth didn't add anything to the universe. My death will not detract anything from its infinite greatness. No one could ever explain to me why I came here, why I will leave again.

Don't pursue happiness!
Life is as short as a sigh.
The dust of people that were once famous turn with the reddish clay on the wheel you are looking at.
The universe is a fata morgana;
life is a dream.

The tenants of the tombs to dust decay, Nescient of self, and all beside are they; Their sundered atoms float about the world, Like mirage clouds, until the judgment-day.

2 comentários:

  1. o Tekbilek , o Fateh Ali Khan. e aquele garoto turco, Mercan Dede., ai ai...coisa divina
    e este teu post a gente vai junto, com direito a trilha sonora ainda, ta 1 luxo

  2. ...the Judgement Day..."the outwards expansion" of our universe? ...the threat of nothing/or dispersion in every moment of the life?
    Paradise...the unity, the conciliation...

    very important and beautiful post!