terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012

Crossroads of an American Mythology: The Art of Andrew Edwards

Crossroads: where American mythology meets its past, present and future. Bob Dylan looks at old cars with the George Washington. You meet Humphrey Bogart broken down on the roadside. A medieval demon appears at the drive-in movie. We’re at the county fair; the roadside attraction; the place where dreams collide with history. Danger is in the air—but you get the sense we’ll make it through.

I like to create highly realized visions—smooth surface, significant detail, altered perspective. I shy away from photorealism and embrace brushstrokes where it will add depth. Influences: Hopper, Vermeer, Turner, the Surrealists. Other influences: mid-century industrial design; film-noir. I work in multi-layered acrylic mainly and sometimes in pencil.

I consider myself a traditionalist in art, an avant-garde in spirit; find it wonderful and invigorating that, since the days of Giotto in Florence, pigment on a flat surface has offered a deeply satisfying, contemplative visual experience to the careful observer. I consider painting to be the richest and most rewarding of the visual arts.

My name for the type of work I’m creating: “Contemporary Mythic”.

Andrew Edwards


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